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          Hot products: Interior Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Tour Lighting
          Underground Light Wall washing lamp Line lamp Guardrail pipe Point light source
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          Focus on practical, excellent quality, because we only focus on smart LED lighting

          Building Urban bridge Shopping mall & street Hotel Municipal LED Airport & Stadium
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          About Hipo LED

          Guangdong HIPO Lighting co.,Ltd was established in 2007,an innovative company that specialized in LED outdoor lighting application products.manufacturing and sales in integration,generally provide LED lighting system solutions and services.Products are widely used in government building lighting ,urban landscape lighting ,commercial building lighting ,etc.

          We adhere to the business philosophy with "constant progress,pursuit of excellence"and driven by innovation,which is based on talent,relying on high quality personalized ,cost-effective products and fast,professional and amiable service,generally won the reliance from our partners.The essence of the corporate culture is innovation,the company has a number of utility model patents,differentiation for the company business took the first step. Splendid cases actually done with Pearl River night scene lighting project in Guangzhou,Keijo Lighting project in Foshan city. Hengdian group"dream tai chi" stage lighting project.Garden expo project in Wuhan,Wuyuan bay project in Xiamen ,Urban renewal project in Changchun ,etc.

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          Temin Road No. 1, Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City of Guangdong


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